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Making home management easy.

The home management assistant helping you safeguard, upkeep, and enhance your biggest investment, your home.
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The more you add to Homefile, the more value Homefile delivers.

Homefile continually evolves to support your ownership journey.

By documenting your home in Homefile, you are helping Homefile enhance its capabilities and provide you with personalized assistance. This will enable Homefile to identify your specific needs, recognize general trends among all homeowners, and offer valuable advice and recommendations to manage your home easily.

Maintaining your home.

Homefile will help ensure that you never miss essential maintenance.

Enhancing your home.

Homefile will help uncover ways to improve the value of your home.

Homefile continually provides insights, assistance & actions across four key areas of home ownership.

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Safegarding your home.

Homefile will assist in making sure your home is adequately covered.

Saving money in your home.

Homefile will help uncover ways to save money in and around your home.

And you control it all.

Security & privacy are foundational.


We continue to take great care to secure your information in Homefile using best practices in encryption and two-factor authentication.


We respect your privacy and will not share or retain your information without your explicit consent.


We provide you with the ability to control the information you share, its usage, and the benefits of sharing.

Join us on our Mission

Making home ownership easy, transparent, and accessible for every homeowner.

Join us in our mission to simplify the homeownership experience for everyone. At Homefile, we strive to empower homeowners with the knowledge to make informed choices, reduce expenses, and understand what others pay for similar services. Let’s work together to bring transparency and convenience to home ownership.

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The must-have for every homeowner.
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