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Did you know?

The average US homeowner has over 70% of their net worth in their home.

Across the 140m homeowners in the US, that equates to over $5t in net worth with no systematic way to manage it.

We can manage our 401ks, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, every investment – except our biggest one, our homes.

We’re changing that.

A home is a very special place. It’s a community, a nest, and what you have within your home is a culmination of a life’s journey. We don’t typically consider our home an investment until major renovations, upgrading, or buying and selling.

Unlike other investments like stocks with systems to self-manage, the ability to manage a home as an investment has been overlooked. And yet, for most, a home is the most significant financial investment they will make. Leaving tens of millions with no way to easily make smart investment decisions around their home.

That’s why we created Homefile. We’re focused on modernizing how homeowners protect, manage and maximize the return on their home investment.

Our Mission

Making home ownership easy, transparent, and accessible for everyone.


As a team, we are driven by a shared passion to revolutionize home management. With a great sense of humor, deep empathy, and respect for our customers and each other, we are committed to tackling this unique challenge together.

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Biz Development

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Our Constitution

Homefile is fully committed to creating an ethical and responsible culture in all aspects of our AI technology. We abide by ethical principles throughout our research and development process, as well as during deployment and customer engagement. We understand AI technology’s potential for transformative change, and we strive to ensure that this change is positive, fair, and in line with our core values.

Ethical Integrity

We prioritize ethical considerations and transparency in all AI applications, avoiding harmful or malicious uses.

Diversity & Inclusion

We actively seek diverse perspectives and strive to eliminate bias and discrimination in AI systems, promoting fairness and equity.

Privacy & Data Protection

We respect and safeguard individual privacy and use personal data responsibly with consent and in compliance with laws and regulations.


We take responsibility for the positive and negative impact of our AI systems. We constantly evaluate and enhance our technology to reduce potential risks.

Human-Centric Approach

We prioritize the well-being and safety of humans in all AI applications, while designing these systems to augment human capabilities rather than replace them.

Transparency & Openness

We openly communicate about our AI technologies, their intended use, and potential risks. We actively engage with stakeholders to gather feedback and address concerns.

Our Six Cultural Covenants

At Homefile, our core values and cultural principles are paramount to our success. We firmly believe in promoting an ethical and responsible work environment, where collaboration and inclusivity are at the forefront. By adhering to these principles, we are confident that we can create a company that not only thrives but also benefits society as a whole. Our unwavering commitment to these values is a testament to our dedication to our employees, customers, and the community at large.


Empowerment fosters innovation, creativity, and a sense of ownership. It taps into our unique talents and insights, allowing teams to make meaningful contributions and take ownership of their work.


Clear objectives provide direction, align employees, improve communication and decision-making, enhance accountability, and drive success. They are the compass that guides a company towards its desired destination.


A diverse culture enables us to better adapt to a dynamic global landscape, connect with a broader range of customers, and create a richer and more vibrant workplace where everyone can thrive.


A culture that values collective intelligence and input from various stakeholders leads to a more resilient and adaptable organization capable of effectively navigating a range of challenges.


A culture of openness fosters a dynamic, responsive, and resilient organization that thrives in an ever-evolving business landscape. It nurtures trust among colleagues, encourages a sense of shared purpose, and enables swift adaptation to changing circumstances.


Humility fosters collaboration and strengthens interpersonal relationships. Humility promotes innovation, adaptability, and a positive work environment that values respect and cooperation.

The must-have for every homeowner.
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