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Making it easy to build & manage your Homefile.

Quickly populate Homefile with the things you buy.

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Our receipt automation saves you time & money.

Forward your Home Depot & Lowe’s receipts & Homefile will file them for you.

Our latest feature allows you to streamline your record-keeping for home expenses while saving you valuable time. Simply forward your receipts and watch as they are automatically filed away in your Homefile. Homefile continues to learn and add new retailers every week.

Best of all, never lose a receipt again.
Use Homefile as is, or

Easily customize your own Homefile experience.

Homefile caters to all levels of organizational detail, whether you prefer a straightforward approach or a more intricate system of control.

Add Folders

Folders help your organize and categorize your data, making it easier to find and manage files, documents, or data efficiently.

Add Rooms

Rooms provide a structured approach to organizing and cataloging the contents of your home, making it easier to locate specific items quickly.

Add Categories

Maintenance records, warranty information, and service contracts for different categories (e.g., appliances, HVAC, or plumbing) can be easily tracked and managed.

Every Homefile is collaborative & transferable

Collaboration within Homefile enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the process. It promotes shared responsibility, better communication, and improved accessibility, vital for effectively managing a home over time. You can share the complete Homefile or customize your collaboration to specific folders or files.

Manage an entire property portfolio in one place.

Have multiple homes? No problem.

We’ve made it simple to use Homefile to manage every home in your property portfolio.

A must-have for every homeowner.
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